Industrial waste disposal

Zentek can develop a suitable waste-disposal concept for any branch and can take care of your entire waste management needs. Modern, goal-oriented, environmentally friendly, and above all – anywhere in Germany.

Every business undertaking is obligated under Germany’s Circular Economy Act (KrWG) or under the Industrial Waste Regulation (GewAfV) to dispose of the waste incidental to it in a technically correct and environmentally responsible manner – an obligation that Zentek would be happy to assist you with. For more than 25 years, Zentek has been designing tailor-made solutions for waste disposal and taking care of the collection and disposal of the waste materials accumulating at the ongoing business operations of our customers. Thanks to our many years of experience, Zentek can guarantee the legal compliancy of the waste-disposal processes and the quick provision of the necessary recovery documentation.

Our digitised working processes enable you to place and monitor your waste-disposal orders independently and anytime via our online PartnerPortal – quickly, easily, and virtually paperless.

We would also be happy to advise you on how to best navigate the Industrial Waste Regulation (GewAfV), an act that places daunting demands on business enterprises in terms of the documenting and separating of waste materials. Zentek is certain that the appropriate waste-disposal concept will save you time, resources, and waste-disposal costs – while you get more out of your recyclables.


Whether it’s about end-user product packaging or transport packaging – Zentek has the right solution. Legally compliant, cost-efficient, and reliable.

Manufacturers and commercial wholesalers/retailers throughout Europe are responsible for disposing of their waste packaging. This is legislated in Germany in the Packaging Act (VerpackG). According to it, you as a manufacturer or wholesaler/retailer are responsible for the avoidance, recycling, and recovery of any incidental packaging waste. These are tasks that Zentek would be happy to assist you with, starting with licensing right through to the collection, sorting, and recovering of waste materials. The law distinguishes between end-user product packaging and transport packaging.

Transport packaging is any packaging that serves to make transport easier and to prevent damage, and therefore remains in the commercial sphere. You can find the services you need here.

End-user product packaging on the other hand ends up at the consumer’s location. Included here are such things as foodstuff packaging or the packaging used for shipping goods to private households. The licensing of end-user product packaging is the domain of the so-called dual systems – such as the Dual System Zentek, which Zentek would be happy to provide you.

Electrical/electronic equipment

Zentek can take care of all your needs, starting from the registration process right through to the disposal of your waste electrical/electronic equipment – so that you can concentrate on your core business.

The requirements of Germany’s Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) create intimidating challenges for manufacturers and importers, challenges that Zentek would be happy to help you face. As waste-disposal experts in the area of electrical and electronic equipment, we can help you navigate the entire process – everything from registration, waste-classification, and the guarantees required by the stiftung ear right through to the final disposal of your waste products.

Thanks to our nationwide network of certified specialist waste-disposal enterprises and the fact that our return and guarantee system has been licensed by the stiftung ear, Zentek can assume all of the obligations imposed on you by the ElektroG – while you profit from the best conditions and best solutions and save time and resources.



For private households looking for a waste-disposal solution, Zentek has just the right thing – two competent partners that can provide everything you need.

Through our online shops and, all of your waste materials can be disposed of quickly, inexpensively, and best of all anywhere in Germany. All you need to do is enter your postal code (PLZ), the kind of waste material, and the size of the container, and then place your order. Disposing of green waste, building debris, waste plaster, and much more couldn’t be easier.

For orders placed by 12 noon of any day, the container will be supplied on the next business day already. The rental price includes the provision of the container and the disposal of the waste. Payment can be made through the online shop using the usual payment methods.

Platform empto

As an online waste-disposal assistant, empto brings business operators and waste-disposal firms together – simple, transparent, and legally compliant.

Placing a waste-disposal order online is quick and simple – just enter your address, the kind of waste material, and the size of the container needed. Once you have placed your order, you can then choose which of the waste-disposal firms best suits your needs.

empto allows you online access to all required documents anywhere and anytime. This saves you an enormous amount of paper work, telephone calls, and fax messages – a time-efficient and uncomplicated way of disposing of your waste.

To facilitate the best possible management of all your orders, the empto Waste Manager function also lets you manage your external orders on it – completely free of charge. empto answers questions, reviews verifications, generates invoices, and executes payment procedures so that your time can be spent on your core business duties.

Business apps

empto’s business apps turn waste disposal into child’s play: Unnecessary phone calls or fax messages are a thing of the past. Your waste-disposal orders can be taken care of quickly and simply at the click of a mouse.


With a few clicks in the TrashButton app, waste producers can quickly and simply order the exchange or collection of containers.


The TrashMonitor app keeps waste-disposal firms informed in real time about all the activities of its waste-producing customers.

The CrewApp is meant for the drivers of the waste management firms. It enables them to document orders and complaints – quickly and simply.


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