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Uncomplicated ordering procedures, transparent transactions, and complete control – the use of our digital services provides you with the most modern way of managing your waste disposals anywhere and anytime.

This digital service is a powerful tool particularly for business customers operating across regional boundaries and throughout the whole of Germany – significantly streamlined processes that translate into savings in valuable resources.


Online Shops

Regardless of whether you, as a private customer, have building debris, bulky waste, green waste, or other similar kinds of waste to dispose of – you will find the right solution in our online shops. Quickly and easily.

Two of our online shops – and – are available to our private customers for the disposal of nearly any kind of waste material. The ordering process is very simple: Just go to the online shop of your choice and enter your postal code (PLZ) and the kind of waste you need to dispose of. After choosing the kind of container you want, the calculated costs are displayed for you. For orders placed before 12 noon, the container will already be supplied on the next business day.

Thanks to and, time-intensive ordering procedures are a thing of the past. Containers can be requested at any time per mouse click through the online shops. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Paying is also quick and easy with the common payment methods.


Your waste management – the easy way.

Zentek Connect allows you to conveniently order the disposal services you need. In real time, data is transmitted between your sites – where the waste is generated – and our certified disposal partners. Additional phone calls or faxes and annoying paperwork are no longer necessary.

As a Zentek customer, you can manage all disposal orders digitally thanks to Zentek Connect. The web app is intuitive and easy to use, provides a constant overview of all processes, and documents every activity. You can manage multiple sites via the web app and assign users with the appropriate access authorization to each. Many processes within waste management are digitized: order placement as well as the subsequent processing. Of course, you can also make complaints and cancellations via Zentek Connect.

Thanks to a foolproof setup on your smartphone, tablet, or PC and the ease of use, the individual steps of the disposal assignment are quickly completed. If you have any questions about Zentek Connect, we will be happy to help.

Zentek Connect



empto is a platform that brings together waste-disposal firms and business operators. It provides each of them with a platform on which waste-disposal orders can be transacted quicker, more simply, and with more transparency.

As a digital assistant for waste disposal, empto enables waste-disposal firms and business operators to take the disposing of waste materials into their own hands – over 16 different kinds of waste including building debris, bulky waste, restaurant waste, or green waste. The communication and the order transaction are simple and digital. With only a few clicks, you as a business operator determine which kind of waste material has to be disposed of, where the container is to be delivered, and whether it is a single order or a recurring order. After placing your order, you will then receive individual offers from different waste-disposal firms. From these you can choose the offer that is best for you. Order status, certificates, invoices, credited amounts, and verifications of performance are accessible on the platform at any time – whether from somewhere on the road or from the office.

The integrated empto Waste Manager allows you to not only manage the orders placed via the platform but the management of external processes as well – free of charge. empto answers questions, reviews verifications, generates invoices, and carries out payment procedures – while you always have everything in view.

To ensure the fairest prices for you at all times, our platform is designed in a way that prevents the waste-disposal firms from seeing the offers made by the other firms. You of course can see all the offers, including ratings and prices – utmost transparency from which you profit.

Everything can be managed digitally via empto – which saves you not only time but valuable resources as well.


Do you need documents? Or do you have questions?


empto is a B2B platform and is open to all business undertakings that produce waste through their business activities. empto is open to all brokers and waste management firms with the required qualifications and verifications.

empto does not charge a registration fee nor does it demand a minimum transaction volume or a binding contractual relationship. It simply charges 4% of the net transaction volume.

empto is currently available in Berlin, Brandenburg, the Rhineland, the Ruhr district, the Münster area, and in the greater Frankfurt area. It will soon be available throughout Germany. More information can be found at

Zentek digital does not charge a registration fee for using the business apps nor does it demand a minimum transaction volume or a binding contractual relationship. It simply charges a few cents per waste-disposal order.

Zentek digital’s business apps are optimised for use on modern browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox.

Progressive web apps (PWAs) are websites that are usable on mobile devices and that continually adapt themselves to the devices and the browsers on which they operate. The more proficient the device or the browser, the more proficient the app. These kinds of apps have been developed exclusively using open web standards.

Unlike classic native apps, these kinds of apps can be improved at any time without having to go through one of the leading app stores.

The online shops and offer their services throughout Germany – from Glücksburg in the north to Lage in the south and from Selfkant in the west to Görlitz in the east.

The collection and proper recovery of the following kinds of waste material is provided nationwide by waste paper, building debris, mixed building debris, pieces of concrete, screed, roofing felt (impregnated with tar and tar-free), soil excavations, garden debris, mixed packaging, plaster/Rigips, wood, MMMF insulation/rock-wool, household waste, bulky waste, and roots, stems, and stumps of trees.

Zentek is always on the lookout for strong, regional partners to supplement its current cooperations with more than 150 waste-disposal partners! Mr Markus Heppekausen would be pleased to hear from you:

Downloads and Certifications

empto. Your digital assistant for waste disposal.

Here you can learn in just 30 short seconds why every waste-disposal firm should use empto.


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