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BUSINESS SECTOR Manufacturers and importers are obligated under the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) to register and dispose of waste electrical/electronic equipment – Zentek is happy to assist you with this.

Thanks to our many years of experience and a strong network in the recovery and recycling branch, Zentek is able to provide tailor-made and efficient solutions for every manufacturer and importer. We can provide you with the advice you need and can cooperate with you in finding the best way to competently meet all the legal requirements.


B2C Full Service

Through its full service for the disposal of your electrical/electronic equipment throughout Germany, Zentek assumes all of the obligations required of you under the ElektroG. These services include the provision of expert advice, transparency at the highest levels, and a comprehensive controlling and predictability of costs – which keeps your expenses under control and makes your business more effective. Included here are of course the fees for the collection coordination of the stiftung ear.

Manufacturers or distributors with no business establishment in Germany are obligated to appoint an agent in Germany. Zentek has been accredited and legitimized as an authorized agent by the stiftung ear to perform all of the tasks on behalf of foreign manufacturers.

(Online) traders and undertakings that place only small volumes of electrical/electronic equipment on the market are particularly well-served by our internet platform zmart-fullservice.de. Here they can manage returns and environmentally friendly waste disposals online – easily, quickly, and with legal certainty.

Zmart-FullserviceFact Sheet ElektroG3

Here you can download an overview of the innovation of the ElektroG3 as of 2022.

All of the services are performed by Zentek:
  • Consulting
  • Registering the company
  • Short-notice applications for the registration of equipment
  • Complete correspondence with the stiftung ear
  • Deposit of required guarantees
  • Monthly volume reports to the stiftung ear
  • Annual statistics
  • Managing the ear collection coordination (which includes):
    • Provision of collection containers at the delivery locations of the public waste-disposal undertakings (waste-management yards)
    • Taking back of waste equipment from the waste-disposal undertakings
    • Technically correct treatment and recovering of waste electrical/electronic equipment (certified waste-disposal operators)


B2B Disposal /
Collection coordination of the stiftung ear

The collection coordination of the stiftung ear is a separate service that Zentek is happy to provide you with. This ensures an efficient and legally compliant implementation of all collection processes.

Zentek is also happy to assist dealers that voluntarily take back their B2C equipment in their own business establishments, service centres, and distribution centres or that directly collect their B2B equipment from their commercial customers.

But no matter which of these you choose, all of your obligations under the ElektroG are being fulfilled by one single partner, the benefits for you being uncomplicated processes at fair market prices. Throughout Germany!

Our services:
  • Provision of collection containers at the delivery locations of the public waste-disposal undertakings (waste-management yards)
  • Taking back of waste equipment from the delivery locations of the public waste-disposal undertakings
  • Technically correct treatment and certified recovery of the waste equipment taken back
  • Automated verification procedures and recovery quotas


Zentek Full Service

Manufacturers and exporters that wish to export their electrical and electronic equipment to a foreign country must observe a large number of national laws and carry out the acts required by them – this is a challenge for which our expertise can be of great assistance to you.

The European Directive WEEE and the directives on packaging waste and batteries are all implemented as national laws of the Member States, a situation that complicates your export activities in ways far removed from your core business operations. Agents have to be commissioned and de minimis thresholds observed – tasks that can be carried out by us.

You can profit here from Zentek’s partnership with WEEE Europe. WEEE Europe is a non-profit enterprise whose shareholders and members include some of the largest and most competitive return systems in 18 European countries. It can therefore provide efficient processes at attractive prices – an advantage that we as a partner of WEEE Europe are able to pass on to you.

Zentek currently services over 5,000 customers in 26 countries
  • Individual assessments and advice based on the particular country’s specific legal requirements
  • Identifying which return system is best for you in terms of efficiency and costs
  • Classifying your equipment according to equipment categories, which often vary considerably
  • Registrations
  • Providing authorizations where required
  • Depositing guarantee sums
  • Annual and periodic volume reports
  • Complete correspondence with the systems
  • Invoice checking and claims (complaint) management


Disposal and return

Manufacturers and distributors of batteries are obligated under the German Battery Act (BattG) to register their business undertakings with the stiftung ear together with all their brands and types of batteries. Registration must take place before any batteries and/or accumulators are put on the market for sale or distribution for the first time in Germany.

The use of Zentek’s compliance service ensures your fulfilment of all the requirements of the Battery Act – comfortably and in conformity with the law.

Get informed and contact us now!
  • The new Battery Act (in short: BattG2) has been in force since 1st January 2021
  • Zentek's compliance service ensures your fulfilment in conformity with the law


Do you need documents? Or do you have questions?


The ElektroG applies to any equipment operated with an alternating voltage of maximum 1,000 volts or direct-current voltage of maximum 1,500 volts. It must also fulfil one of the following criteria:

  • The equipment is dependent on electrical currents or electromagnetic fields.
  • The equipment serves to generate, transmit, and measure electrical currents and electromagnetic fields.

The ElektroG therefore applies not only to ‘classic’ electrical/electronic  equipment but also to other products such as furniture, clothing, and lifestyle products containing electrical or electronic components.

According to the ElektroG, the manufacturer of the product concerned has the obligation to fulfil the statutory requirements. A manufacturer is any entity that for commercial purposes:

  • manufactures and sells equipment under its brand name (producer).
  • re-sells equipment of other providers under its brand name (distributor of dealer brands (Eigenmarken)).
  • imports equipment and places it on the market in Germany for commercial purposes for the first time (importer).
  • exports equipment to another EU Member State and delivers it there directly to an end user (exporter).
  • intentionally or negligently offers for sale the equipment of unregistered manufacturers (distributor).
  • distributes, with the help of telecommunications technology, equipment directly to users in private households in another EU Member State (distance-selling distributor).

The ElektroG allows manufacturers to commission third parties to fulfil their statutory obligations.

No. If you as a manufacturer place electrical and/or electronic equipment on the market, then you have to be registered.

Electrical/electronic equipment is deemed to be ‘placed on the market’ when you, for the first time and in conjunction with a commercial activity, deliver it for sale, consumption, or recovery purposes. The manufacturer must be registered no later than the time the equipment is placed on the market.

Before distributing electrical/electronic equipment, manufacturers and importers must be registered with the responsible government agency. If the electrical/electronic equipment your company places on the market can be used in private households, then you must also provide an ‘insolvency-immune guarantee’ (insolvenzsichere Garantie, i.e. a guarantee that will not become a part of an insolvency estate) for the financing of the return and disposal of waste electrical/electronic equipment. Waste electrical/electronic equipment must be collected as instructed by the responsible government agency and recovered in accordance with the provisions of the ElektroG.

In addition to the identification obligations regarding electrical and electronic equipment, you must also observe all other relevant verification and reporting obligations.

The stiftung ear is the so-called ‘Gemeinsame Stelle’ (common agency) of the manufacturers. It is prescribed by the ElektroG. The German Environment Agency (UBA) has entrusted it with the state’s task of implementing the European directive (WEEE Directive) on reducing electronic scrap caused by discarded electrical/electronic equipment. Through the activities and the powers set out below, the stiftung ear enforces the ElektroG in conformity with commercial competition practices:

  • registration of manufacturers/distributors that place electrical/electronic equipment on the market in Germany or of the agents authorized by them pursuant to Paragraph 8 of the ElektroG.
  • reviewing guarantees
  • creating collective manufacturer guarantee systems
  • recording the volumes of electrical/electronic equipment placed on the market
  • coordinating the provision of containers for the delivery locations and coordinating the collection of waste equipment by the public waste-disposal undertakings
  • collecting fees

The WEEE number is the registration number that pursuant to the ElektroG must be stated in all written business correspondence for the purpose of unequivocally identifying the registered manufacturer. The WEEE registration number is issued to the manufacturer after registering with the stiftung ear.

WEEE registration must always take place prior to the distribution of any electrical and/or electronic equipment. No equipment may be placed on the market prior to the government agency’s notification of the registration. A violation of this is considered an administrative offence and is punishable with an administrative fine of up to 50,000 euros.

Stiftung ear distinguishes between the following kinds of equipment:

  • heat-transfer carriers
  • visual display screens
  • gas-discharge lamps
  • lamps other than gas-discharge lamps
  • large appliances
  • large photovoltaic modules
  • small appliances
  • small photovoltaic modules
  • small equipment/devices of information and telecommunication technologies

Electrical and electronic equipment must be registered according to each kind and brand of equipment. Therefore if you are placing different kinds of equipment on the market you must register these separately. Equipment of the same kind that is sold under a variety of brand names must be registered according to its brand. Equipment whose use and functionality corresponds to a particular kind of equipment already registered under the same brand name does not have to be registered separately.

Paragraph 6(3) of the ElektroG obligates manufacturers to provide proof each year of an ‘insolvency-immune guarantee’ (insolvenzsichere Garantie, i.e. a guarantee that will not become a part of an insolvency estate) for the financing of the return and waste disposal of electrical and electronic equipment. This applies to any equipment that was placed on the market after 13 August 2005 and that can be used in private households.

Traders and importers that as first distributors place equipment on the market governed by the ElektroG are also considered manufacturers.

Manufacturers are not allowed to operate on the market without such a guarantee.

The amount of the guarantee for the equipment to be placed on the market by you is calculated according to the following formula:

Guarantee amount (€) = basic amount for registration (t) x anticipated return rate x anticipated waste-disposal costs (€/t).

The values for the anticipated return rate and the anticipated waste-disposal costs vary according to the kind of equipment. This is why it is important for you to allocate the equipment to be placed on the market by you to the right category of equipment from the outset.

Yes, because stiftung ear stipulates different parameters for each kind of equipment. The guarantee system used by Zentek Services GmbH & Co. KG covers the guarantee amounts required by stiftung ear and does so for each kind of equipment in the following product categories:

  • heat-transfer carriers
  • visual display screens
  • gas-discharge lamps
  • lamps other than gas-discharge lamps
  • large appliances
  • large photovoltaic modules
  • small appliances
  • small photovoltaic modules
  • small equipment/devices of information and telecommunication technologies

The volume of electrical/electronic equipment placed on the market must be reported monthly to the responsible government agency. Proof must also be provided of those volumes that have been collected pursuant to a public ordinance on waste-collection and that have been allocated for recovery.

Any waste electrical/electronic equipment delivered by private end users to public collection facilities (municipal waste-disposal yards) must be collected as instructed by the stiftung ear (public collection ordinance).  The containers provided by the collection facilities must be collected promptly, i.e. within a time period of 72 hours maximum. The electrical/electronic equipment collected must then be taken for recovery to a certified waste-disposal facility. The costs of the collection and recovery of the waste electrical/electronic equipment are borne by the manufacturer.

The public ordinances regarding the collection and provision of containers obligate manufacturers and distributors to collect or provide containers within the respective deadlines stipulated in the ordinance. You – as a manufacturer or agent – must warrant at the time of registration that you are able to meet these prescribed deadlines and are able to process and provide for the recovery of the returned waste equipment in accordance with the provisions of the ElektroG.

External service providers may be commissioned to provide the containers and to take care of any further processing, recovering, or disposal. They must warrant that:

  • the public ordinances regarding the collection of the provided containers and regarding the provision of new containers at the delivery locations are being complied with Germany-wide and within the prescribed deadlines.
  • the facilities where the collected waste equipment is first being processed is certified pursuant to the ElektroG.
  • the recovery quotas stated for each particular category pursuant to the ElektroG have been achieved.
  • all volume flow data of the processing and recovery regarding the first processing is available to the facilities and will be forwarded to the manufacturers/distributors for their reporting and verification obligations.

No. The ElektroG does not make exceptions for certain manufacturers. All registered B2C manufacturers and their agents are obligated to collect waste equipment Germany-wide in accordance with the public collection ordinances applicable to them.

No. A registration in Germany pursuant to the ElektroG is only valid in Germany. This is because each EU Member State has implemented Directive 2012/19/EU (WEEE Directive) independently in its own national law. Each registration is therefore only valid in the country of registration.

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Zentek as a certified waste-disposal operator.

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