What does the declaration of completeness mean?

The declaration of completeness, described in Section 10 of the packaging ordinance must be deposited each year at the 1st of May at the Chambers of Commerce. The first introducer of the sales packaging must be documented here, how many packagings filled with goods it has circulated in the previous year. The declaration of completeness must be audited by an accountant or economic adviser and also reveal not only the type and mass of the material, but whether the waste originated private or commercial and how the return was organized.

What is a dual system?

A dual system is defined as a collection system for household disposal of used sales packaging determined by the authority. In addition to the public waste, a second (dual) disposal system for used sales packaging was introduced. The legal basis of the dual system is the packaging ordinance which was amended in of 2008. The first dual System - DSD - was founded in 1990. Currently, ten dual systems share the market in Germany.

What distinguishes sales of transport packaging?

Transport packaging generally occurs at the distributor (e. g. retail or dealer). The difference is therefore in the place where packaging is generated. Sales packaging always occur at private households (e. g. household, restaurants or hospitals).

Must transport packaging be taken back?

Distributors and manufacturers are obliged to take back used sales packaging. Zentek offers a take-back system for transport packaging in - contact us. - contact us.

What is WEEE?

WEEE - that is Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment and in Europe's fastest-growing waste stream with 3 to 5 percent growth per year. The return of these units is governed by the so-called WEEE directive. With the support of our partner WEEE Europe, we can ensure that our European customers meet the legal obligations under that directive. In addition to the collection and recycling of these products and batteries, we also take care of the registration and volume notification.