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Waste Disposal
BUSINESS SECTOR Zentek takes care of your entire waste management needs – including the disposal of any kind of waste material anywhere in Germany. No matter how many outlets you have – Zentek takes care of the disposal of the waste in a technically correct and legally compliant manner. And to ensure that you spend as little time as possible on administrative details, our PartnerPortal enables you to keep an eye on everything – waste management anywhere and anytime. But you can of course contact us personally at any time. YOUR CONTACT PERSON


What to expect from Zentek

Zentek is a service provider and is therefore only happy when you are happy. That’s why we provide you with a full service for all your waste-disposal needs. Thanks to our extensive network of certified waste-disposal firms and more than 25 years of experience in on-site waste management, Zentek can find the right solution for everyone.

Service Nationwide

Zentek can take care of your waste management needs anywhere in Germany. Being part of a flexible network enables us to work out the best solutions for large companies as well as small businesses located in the inner cities.

Transparency and Legal Compliance

Digital waste management, reportings, and certified waste-disposal partners – Zentek guarantees the legal compliancy and seamless implementation of all waste-disposal processes. And the PartnerPortal lets you can keep an eye on it all.

Optimisation and Cost Savings

By selectively bundling material volumes and through a centralised marketing of recyclables, Zentek works as cost efficiently as possible – and through our complete assumption of your waste management, reduces the time you have to spend on it.

Personal Contact Person

Every customer at Zentek is assigned an individual contact person. This person takes care of all the customer’s needs quickly, flexibly, and transparently.  Our employees regularly attend training programmes to keep abreast of all the new developments – so that you don’t have to.

Online Waste Disposal

Our PartnerPortal allows you to also digitally organise all your waste-disposal processes – beginning with planning, organisation, and transacting right through to order placement, container management, complaint management, and the preparation of balances – everything is possible.


Zentek PartnerPortal

With Zentek’s PartnerPortal, you have the entire organisation of your waste disposal in your own hands. Everything from a complete overview of your orders right through to the simple adding of a supplemental container – this online portal helps you to plan, organise, and transact all of your waste disposal tasks online.

Waste disposal organised at a click

  • Online order placement
  • Container management
  • Overview of orders
  • Digital documentation
  • Waste balance
  • Reporting
  • Complaint management

The PartnerPortal at a Glance

Zentek’s PartnerPortal is also accessible from your mobile phone – you can even place waste-disposal orders from outside the office. With the easy selection, ordering, and emptying of containers and the transparent overview of all your orders, containers, costs, and volumes, waste disposal becomes child’s play – and frees you up so you can get back to your core business duties.


Key Branches Served

Zentek serves a large number of customers from the automotive industry, the construction industry, the wholesale/retail sector, and logistics and infrastructure. But no matter in which branch you operate, our nationwide network of waste-disposal specialists enables Zentek to collect any kind of recyclables from any location in Germany and to dispose of it in a technically correct and legally compliant manner.


Whether you are a supplier, a manufacturer, a dealer, or a service provider in the automobile industry – Zentek can develop a flexible and tailor-made waste-disposal concept for you. We can take care of the disposal of all incidental waste materials such as used oil, batteries, emulsions, paint and varnishes, and can provide you with an inexpensive, secure, and legally compliant way of disposing of your waste.

In order to satisfy the special requirements of the motor vehicle industry, Zentek only works with certified waste-disposal operators – which ensures that even hazardous waste is being processed, recycled, and returned to or stored in the material cycle in a future-oriented manner.

We would be happy to put our long years of experience to use in creating an individual waste-disposal concept for you – tailor-made to your needs.


Andreas Kurz

+49 2203 8987-7081

Retail/Wholesale and Logistics

Zentek can assume the disposal of waste materials on site at any business location in Germany, such as retail outlets and logistic establishments. Even for retail outlets located directly in the inner cities, Zentek has the perfect logistics solution for the smallest volumes. The disposal is carried out by one of the certified waste-disposal operators in our nationwide network of waste-disposal firms.

Zentek can provide you with price lists effective throughout Germany with fixed and standard conditions for all kinds of materials. An efficient and comprehensive waste-disposal concept tailored to your needs means a financial plus for you. Standardised and centralised ordering processes and transparent invoicing procedures are a matter of course for us and mean reduced expenditures for you.

Each customer is assigned an individual contact person. This ensures that they receive comprehensive and full advice and support in conjunction with all their questions surrounding waste law, regardless of the time this takes. Zentek also warrants that all waste disposal is being carried out in compliance with the provisions of Germany’s Circular Economy Act (KrWG) and in fulfilment of all of your statutory verification obligations. Make Zentek your external environmental department.


Tim Meier

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Construction Sites

Construction sites across different regions, above-ground or underground construction projects, or the building of roads – modern construction processes create enormous challenges for business enterprises, challenges that Zentek would like to help you face.

Zentek can assume the disposal of the entire debris accumulating on construction sites and the management of containers – anywhere in Germany. Your key contact person is always available to provide you with quick and competent advice on coordinating the waste-disposal processes – from the provision of containers right through to the disposal of waste and billing matters. The waste disposal itself is always carried out by certified waste-disposal specialists.

Each year Zentek disposes of the waste materials of more than 12,000 construction sites. Technically and environmentally conform. You too can profit from our experience – just give us a call!


Ina Schwarz

+49 2203 8987-7083


After 25 years of experience in waste disposal in relation to infrastructure management, Zentek is able to provide modern, goal-oriented, and environmentally friendly waste-disposal concepts for nearly every business location anywhere in Germany. Zentek can assume the entire management of your waste. This includes all of the environmental-related services required by you or by the law.

Zentek can collect any kind of waste material from any location in Germany and can dispose it in a technically correct and environmentally friendly manner. All of the processes are coordinated and documented and any required recovery verifications are promptly supplied. Digital processes minimise the mounds of paper work, and with our online PartnerPortal you can manage your waste-disposal orders independently. Orders can be placed and monitored at any time.

You simply place your orders online on Zentek’s PartnerPortal.

Zentek provides you with legal certainty and helps you save on resources so that you can spend time on your core business duties.


Thomas Schreiber

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Do you need documents? Or do you have questions?


With a network of more than 600 waste-disposal partners between Freiburg in the south and Flensburg in the north, Zentek provides services throughout the whole of Germany.

Basically every kind of waste; some harmful waste materials (marked with an * after the AVV number) only upon request.

Zentek serves the needs of a variety of sectors. Examples include the motor vehicle industry, retailers/wholesalers, infrastructure, basically customers operating cross-regionally.

Customers operating only regionally or private customers are passed on to our wholly owned subsidiary

  • Zentek digital for individual solutions in the area of digitisation of waste-disposal processes.
  • An extensive network of over 600 waste-disposal firms ensure the availability of waste-disposal processes and fair prices.
  • Our partner companies are waste-disposal firms themselves.

Zentek’s PartnerPortal for optimising your waste-disposal management enables you to digitally manage your waste-disposal processes. The use of the PartnerPortal not only contributes to sustainability but also facilitates the targeted management of waste-disposal solutions that are meaningful in economic as well as ecologic terms. Placing orders, documentation, complaint management, and controlling can be performed in easy steps.

Each customer is provided with an individual contact person, who can be contacted directly by telephone or e-mail. In this person’s absence, you will be informed as to who is standing in for this person.

Your contact person is available to answer any questions you may have.

The same goes for waste-disposal firms, who are provided with a specific contact person (for the region).

As with private households, the proper separation of the different kinds of waste materials is of utmost importance. Separated waste saves sorting and disposal costs.

We would be happy to help you design a waste-separation strategy at your particular location. And if needed, we can give you an annual update on any new developments in this area.

We have a variety of assessment tools from which the best options can be extracted together with you in a personal meeting.

Starting on 1 June 2017, manufacturers or distributors of transport packaging, electrical/electronic waste equipment, or motor vehicle and industrial batteries are legally obligated in certain circumstances to designate a ‘waste officer’. A failure to comply with this obligation is punishable with an administrative fine of up to € 10,000.

With an external ‘waste officer’ from Zentek, you have the assurance that the support and advice you receive on the disposal of your waste materials is technically correct and in conformity with the law. Current waste-disposal processes and structures will also be continually reviewed and optimised in collaboration with you. This not only means the quick and uncomplicated fulfilment of your legal obligations but also the realisation of synergies through competent and individual advice, which allows you to focus on your core business tasks.

Downloads and Certifications

Zentek as a certified waste-disposal operator.

Quality management is extremely important to Zentek.

Single-source waste disposal services at construction sites throughout Germany.

What will the world of waste management look like tomorrow?


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