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Zentek International Full Service INTERNATIONAL SERVICES Product responsibility and European market access – Zentek International Full Service takes care of all your obligations connected with the distribution of goods in foreign countries. Starting with consulting services right through to dealing with compliance issues and performing administrative tasks. YOUR CONTACT PERSON


Your obligations, our expertise

The so-called extended producer responsibility (EPR) applies throughout Europe. This means that manufacturers and distributors of goods are also responsible for the recycling of and the costs associated with such goods. As there is no common or central EU licensing agency, the European packaging directives, the WEEE Directive, and the Battery Directive are implemented as national law in the Member States – an enormous challenge for the manufacturers and distributors of goods.

Before you can place your goods on the market in a foreign country, you have to join the systems of each of the countries in which you are exporting goods. You also have to commission an agent, report volumes, and in some cases obtain public permits – all of which is contained in 28 different statutes in more than 20 different languages and involves widely diverse return systems with a plethora of different rules and deadlines.

Throughout all of Europe, manufacturers and distributors are responsible for recycling and other waste-disposal processes – Zentek knows what these are and how we can help you meet all of the legal requirements in a professionally competent way.


You expand,
we dispose

Zentek is at your side for all of your questions regarding international laws or product-related issues. Together we will decide which laws are applicable to you.

Our expert knowledge of the relevant laws in the different countries enables us to identify your obligations and to fulfil them on your behalf – simply, efficiently, and with legal certainty.

The services offered by Zentek International Service include the following, which of course are available separately or in combinations:
  • recording of your country-specific master data and volumes
  • registration with public agencies and/or with systems
  • contract management
  • appointment of an agent and presentation of this agent to the customs officials
  • providing guarantees and depositing any required suretyships
  • volume reports and data management
  • invoice checking and complaint management
  • assisting with audits
  • managing the entire correspondence with public authorities and systems


Strong partnerships
for successful customers

Our partnership with WEEE Europe enables Zentek to ensure the fulfilment of your legal obligations in all European countries. Together with more than 18 partner systems, we can provide you with a European compliance solution for waste electrical/electronic equipment and batteries. Together with its network, Zentek operates around 70,000 collection facilities throughout Europe and our partners – with an annual balance of over 1.5 tonnes – collect and recover 50% of the electronic scrap of the European Union, including Norway and Switzerland.

Thanks to our strong partners and attractive prices, WEEE Europe is able to provide processes that are exceptionally efficient. If you too would like to profit from the combined expertise of the largest and most competitive European return systems, then simply give us a call.


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