Verpackungen: Header Packaging BUSINESS SECTOR The law distinguishes between end-user product packaging and transport packaging. i Which of these kinds of packaging can we help you with? The German Packaging Act (VerpackG) stipulates that you as a manufacturer or dealer are responsible for the waste disposal of all your waste packaging. You can do this yourself or you can leave it to us.

As a member of a joint undertaking, Zentek can manage the return and the waste disposal of your packaging through the use of tailor-made concepts. Legally compliant, cost-efficient, reliable – everywhere in Germany.
Transport packaging End-user packaging


Transport packaging

Transport packaging is packaging used to make the transportation of goods easier and to prevent damage during transportation. Such packaging stays in the trading circuit and is not intended to be forwarded to end consumers. Transport packaging is subject to specific return and recovery obligations, which we would be happy to assist you with.


Achim Gibson
Head of Sales Transport packaging

+49 2203 8987-210

You export to other EU countries?

Zentek can license your packaging Europe-wide and can help you navigate the provisions of the EU packaging laws in a legally compliant way.


End-user product packaging

End-user product packaging is all packaging that produces waste for the first time with the end user. Included here are such things as all foodstuff packaging or shipping packaging used for delivering private goods.

The licensing of end-user product packaging is organized through dual systems – a service that Zentek would be happy to supply you with using its Duale System Zentek.

By the way: With Dual System Zentek’s new premium service, manufacturers and distributors of plastic packaging can now take responsibility for 100% mechanical recycling.


Team Customer Service
Sales department Dual System Zentek

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