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Transport packaging BUSINESS SECTOR The German Packaging Act (VerpackG) stipulates that you as a manufacturer are responsible for the waste disposal of all your transport packaging – or you can let a waste-disposal expert such as Zentek do this for you. YOUR CONTACT PERSON Zentek is your competent partner for any questions concerning the disposal of your transport packaging. In addition to designing concepts that are tailored to your needs and providing you with the certainty of the legal compliancy of the processes, Zentek can also supply you with the best possible recovery and waste-disposal schemes for your transport packaging – at reasonable prices and in a reliable and efficient manner. The fact that Zentek works together exclusively with certified waste-disposal operators ensures that you leave behind the cleanest possible footprint.


Collection and recovery of all your packaging throughout Germany

The German Packaging Act (VerpackG) makes distributors of goods in Germany responsible for the waste disposal of their transport packaging. Our waste disposal concepts ensure – nationwide – that this does not become a burden for you.

Manufacturers generally use a variety of packaging forms to pack their products in – their safe return and the proper recycling of them is taken over by Zentek. The waste packaging is collected by us directly from your customers as the accumulation location and is recovered by us in a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

Working together with us on this is very easy: You simply tell us what kind of packaging you have and how much of it there is for us to dispose of – the rest we take care of.

Zentek recycles and recovers content-emptied packaging made out of plastic, metal, and aluminium – even if they had been filled with harmful substances:
  • paper, paperboard, cardboard, sack paper
  • foils, PE shrink wrapping, stretch foils, bubble wrap
  • PE foamed material packaging (non-crosslinked), PUR foamed material packaging, EPS (expanded polystyrene)
  • straps/hoops made out of plastic or steel
  • buckets, cans, cartridges, hobbocks, canisters, barrels made out of tin plate and aluminium
  • pallets and packaging made out of wood or wood-based materials


Your customers,
our disposal concept

Zentek does not restrict itself to one specific branch. Our business model of tailor-made disposal concepts allows us to meet the individual needs of a variety of different branches. We can design a waste-disposal concept for your situation as well and can take care of the technically correct disposal of all your transport packaging.

Some of the branches Zentek operates in include:
  • building materials, building components, building needs
  • paint, lacquer/varnish, building chemicals
  • electrical/electronic and IT equipment
  • motor vehicle parts and accessories
  • office, kitchen, and other furniture
  • medical supplies, orthopaedic technologies, sanitary products
  • paper, office supplies, stationary, publishers’ products
  • sanitation, heating, and air conditioning technologies
  • toys
  • sport, fitness, and recreational articles


A nationwide network of
waste disposal partners

In order to provide our disposal services everywhere in Germany, Zentek cooperates with a nationwide network of certified and reliable partners.

The designing of suitable return concepts even in such special cases as intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), barrels, spray cans, and unlicensed packaging is also something that Zentek can do together with you.

Simply get in touch with us – we will always be able to find a solution.

Summary of the most important information on Zentek’s return system for transport packaging.


You export to other EU countries?

Zentek licenses packaging Europe-wide and helps you navigate the provisions of the EU packaging laws in a legally compliant way.


Do you need documents? Or do you have questions?


Yes. Although there is no obligation with respect to transport and industrial packaging to participate in a so-called ‘dual system’, all manufacturers or distributors are responsible for taking such packaging back and for disposing of it free of charge for their customers.

Under the German Packaging Act (VerpackG), manufacturers and subsequent distributors in the supply chain are obligated to take back transport packaging at the location of the actual delivery or in the direct vicinity of it. They are therefore obligated to take back any transport packaging put on the market by them.  The commissioning of a third party to perform this obligation is expressly allowed for in the act. You can therefore participate with your packaging in Zentek’s return system. The taking back and the recovery of it is organized by Zentek in compliance with the VerpackG.

The VerpackG stipulates that packaging must be taken back from the customers free of charge for them. The place where the packaging is returned and the allocation of the costs are matters to be decided between the manufacturer and the subsequent distributors. The current practice on the market is that the collector (distributor) bears the costs of the containers and collection bags and the manufacturer the costs of transport and recovery.

The packaging is properly separated by our waste-disposal partners and is recovered in line with sustainable forms of resource management.

  • paper, paperboard, cardboard
  • foils
  • wood
  • PE/FE
  • foamed polystyrene
  • foam packaging
  • PE/FE
  • sack paper
  • fibre drums
  • IBCs

Downloads and Certifications

Key information on Zentek’s return system for transport packaging.

Zentek as a certified waste-disposal operator.

Quality management is extremely important to Zentek.


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