Electrical appliances

Disposal of electrical appliances

As an electrical and electronic manufacturer, as well as an importer of these goods, you are obliged to take back old equipment free of charge and to ensure high-quality disposal and recycling - the legislature has stipulated this in the ElektroG.

We hereby assist you to comply with the obligation for correct and professional disposal of old electrical appliances: with strong partners from the disposal and recycling industries. We will take care of the registration, the insolvency-secure guarantee, the processing of the returned materials as well as the recycling, including quantity flow verification. Nationwide and cost-efficient. Inform yourself now without any obligation!

Rücknahme von Elektroaltgeräten

ElektroG obliges manufacturers to take back old equipment, devices and appliances

The Electrical Law obliges manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment to take back old equipment, devices and appliances after the end of their useful life. A task which certainly does not belong to the classical core area of a dealer or importer. We are the right partner at your side, because we ensure that all legal requirements are comprehensively fulfilled according to ElektroG. In short: All-round service for the disposal of old electrical appliances.

Registrierung bei EAR

Registration with the EAR Foundation

An additional requirement from the Electrical Law is the registration with the EAR Foundation. In this case we are also available as your partner and keep your registration for the appliances up to date in every detail.

Insolvenzsichere Garantie

Depositing an insolvency-secure guarantee

Manufacturers or importers are obliged to provide an insolvency-secure guarantee for the disposal of electrical appliances. We design for you the right guarantee solution.


Pflicht zur Entsorgung

Obligation for disposal

Apart from adhering to the legal framework, it is of course primarily a question of ensuring an environmentally sound disposal, which, in addition to protecting the environment, is also economically viable. To harmonise these two points harmoniously is what we consider to be our task.

Abgabe der Mengenmeldung EAR
Volume notification

Issuing volume notifications to EAR

Of course, we ensure the correct reporting to the EAR Foundation for you.

Full service

Our full service

In short: We can provide you with the complete service all over Europe, with which you can fulfil all your obligations and, at the same time, concentrate fully on your core business.

Site disposal and EAR collection

Are you a manufacturer of electrical appliances? In accordance with the ElektroG, we will take care of all legal requirements within the framework of the nationwide coordination by the EAR Foundation.

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Full service domestically and authorised, legal representation

We fulfil all the legal requirements for you according to the ElektroG and provide you with a proxy.

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Full Service International (WEEE)

Do you distribute your electrical equipment in an EU country where you do not have a subsidiary? We offer full-service legally secure solutions, which are protected by law including the authorised legal representative.

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Zsmart24 return solution

As an (on-line) dealer, you are obliged to take back old electrical appliances with certain prerequisites. With our return solution, we can provide a legally secure model at prepaid conditions.

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