Zentek digital

Zentek digital

Digitisation is moving fast and it’s not making a detour around the waste disposal sector. Particularly business customers with operations across Germany and those whose operations extend outside Germany’s borders are looking for simple and modern ordering processes, transparent handling procedures, and prompt and comprehensive invoicing services.

Waste Disposal Goes Digital

Zentek Services GmbH & Co. KG is actively involved in the development of efficient, reliable, and future-oriented systems. We have therefore made it our business to create reasonably priced solutions for the needs of the waste disposal sector. Particularly important here is our participation in the development of sector-specific communication standards. Zentek Digital advocates transparency and openness. The following is a brief introduction to our developments and methods up to the present.

Our Methods

Zentek has opted to make use of existing and well-established hardware and software solutions from other sectors. These are then adapted to the needs of smaller and mid-sized waste disposal firms. We do not believe in developing laborious and costly new solutions, but rather in combining reasonably priced hardware with clever software solutions. Zentek uses tried-and-tested communication technologies and signals such as barcodes, Bluetooth, Data Matrix, RFID (active/passive), ultra-wideband, or WLAN in order to identify the optimal solution for each individual application. We are convinced of the reliability of such standards as EPCIS, GRAI and ZUGFeRD and support the further dissemination of them.

Trash Button: Waste Disposal at the Click of a Button

It only takes a few short seconds to install the app. Zentek customers then only have to click the Trash Button logo on their smartphones to obtain access to all their orders in real time. They can check their current situation at one short glance or can transact a new order with one further click. Whether a full container needs to be replaced or a new one ordered – this is taken care of quickly and simply with the Trash Button. And because the information in the apps is continually being updated, every employee can immediately see what has already been done. This makes it nearly impossible to inadvertently place duplicate orders.

empto: Your Online Waste Assistant

empto brings commercial businesses and waste disposal firms together – in a transparent, uncomplicated, and legally compliant manner! Commercial businesses from different sectors – such as construction, the automobile industry, or food retail – can make individual requests and can compare the various offers of the various waste disposers. Once a legally compliant commission has been made, all of the permits/licenses (Industrial Waste Regulation (GewAbfV)!) can be viewed online at any time. empto answers questions, reviews permits/licenses, generates invoices, and takes care of payment procedures. Are you interested? Then check out www.empto.de for more information.

Emil: An Introduction

Emil is the boss of a waste disposal firm who digitally records his daily work processes. He uses two of Zentek’s clever apps to do this: CREW.APP and COCKPIT.APP. With the CREW.APP, orders are recorded, allocated to an order, and documented. Complaint claims can also be processed in real time. All of the data is centralised in the COCKPIT.APP, which provides Emil with an overall picture at all times. Would you too like to digitally track your disposal processes? Then have a look at www.emil-entsorgt.de.


Entsorgung.de is the place to begin for private and commercial customers and for public institutions when it comes to fast, legally conform, and reasonably priced waste disposal of all kinds. Using a wide network of waste disposers, this service is offered by Zentek nationwide! For more information, see www.containerdienst.de

Test it now free of charge!

Would you first like to test our services and satisfy yourself of them? Then just send us an e-mail or give us a call! Email: Stephan.Schnueck@zentek.de, Telephone: +49 2203 8987 164.