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Would you like to digitally track your waste disposal processes? Would you like to save time and respond more quickly to your customers? 
Then check out Emil! Emil is the boss of a waste disposal firm who digitally depicts his firm’s daily work processes. To do this, he uses two of Zentek’s clever apps. The CREW.APP and the COCKPIT.APP. How he uses these two apps in his day-to-day processes is explained in the following:

Easy Recording and Documentation

All of Emil’s drivers are equipped with a smartphone on which the CREW.APP is already installed. This app facilitates the easy recording of daily orders in the business operations and the containers at the customer’s location. The scanned containers being loaded and unloaded are automatically allocated to the respective orders.

Transparent and Reliable Documentation

A complaint about any incorrect filling of a container or any damage to it is easily and quickly recorded by the driver thanks to pre-selected options. Emil is then notified of any such complaints – in real time – no matter where he is at the time! Because the container numbers, timestamps, pictures, and geographic coordinates are known, the information needed to resolve the issue is directly sent with the notification.

Always Up-To-Date

All of the data is centralised in the COCKPIT.APP. With structured information that is upgraded in real time, Emil is able to keep track of everything at all times. The same goes for the plant manager, the controller, and the weighmaster – they too are kept up-to-date with the COCKPIT.APP.

Optimising Daily Processes

If the driver ends his day via the CREW.APP, then the system makes a target/as-is comparison, which ensures that all of the data has been transferred. This provides a valuable basis for optimising the daily processes and for the automated invoicing of customers. Emil therefore not only saves a lot of paperwork, he saves a lot of time too. 


Emil is Thrilled

Emil is thrilled about the fact that Zentek does not charge any license fees for the apps and does not insist on any minimum contract durations. This means he can first test the apps over a longer period of time – for a few cents for each order. 

A summary of all the information about our apps is available in our flyer, which can be downloaded here.


What Emil still needs is an app that he can use to better manage his premises. Which means? It means an app that enables him to schedule the load carriers, to empty them, and to transport them to the correct facilities in a way that ensures the optimal utilisation of capacities. But don’t worry Emil, we are already working overtime on creating this app!

Would you like more information or would you like to test our apps?
Then just send us an email to emil@zentek.de or give us a call at +49 2203 8987 164.