Zentek Dual System


zmart24: the on-line solution for small businesses - and for large.

Large companies find a wide range of offers on the disposal market - for smaller companies on the other hand it often lacks adequate solutions. zmart24 provides businesses of all sizes with an on-line solution.

Persons placing sales packaging on the market, must license them in a dual system. Regardless of whether the company is located in Germany or a foreign company exports goods to Germany. By licensing with zmart24 especially dealers and companies that bring only a small amount of sales packaging on the market can comply with the statutory provisions without long-term contractual obligations.

Controlling disposal obligation on-line: zmart24

As a manufacturer or distributor of goods you are required to license sales packaging. We solve this obligation for a - simply, quickly and safely.

With zmart24 we regulate the settlement of the transaction and the environmentally sound disposal of all packaging easily. The compulsory licensing is handled automatically via zmart24. As a disposal service provider we take care of the rest. Secure the clever disposal solution and save on sustainable resources.

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