Zentek company

Excellent performance and independent

Zentek, that is us, a joint venture company of leading group-independent medium-sized waste disposal companies in Germany. As a specialised service provider for supra-regional disposal systems, we develop and implement customer-specific and sector-specific solutions for companies operating nationwide.

As a full-service provider, we provide all disposal solutions from a single source - from the initial consultation to the creation of tailor-made recycling concepts and disposal concepts, the timely collection and recycling of all waste fractions up to, and including, professional handling, processing and verification management processes.

For small businesses, such as retailers or small commercial business owners we, as a disposal service provider, have the right solution for the licensing of small quantities and volumes of sales packaging on board with zmart24 - simple and inexpensive.

We are there for you, in partnership and with competence.

Zentek philosophy

Assessment, responsibility, results oriented, agility. Learn what is behind our philosophy and what makes us the something special disposal company.

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Shareholders and CEO of the Zentek Services GmbH & Co. KG

Get to know our three shareholders and the CEO of Zentek Services GmbH & Co. KG better.

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Career at Zentek

Discover your career opportunities at Zentek. Apply as an apprentice, trainee or join us as a professional.

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History of Zentek

Get to know more about the more than 20-year history of Zentek - from the foundation to the awards and new business areas.

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Zentek Pool System

Zentek Pool System was founded in 2013 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zentek GmbH & Co. KG. The heart of the company is the plastic pallet, which is rented out to customers within a pool system. 

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Disposal Point DE

In order to strengthen on-line sales, Zentek has been involved in since 2014. The synergies from a large-scale platform with a comprehensive network of waste disposal companies have enormously increased the disposal volume over the last three years.

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