Entsorgung Punkt DE GmbH

Practical disposal for private customers, corporate clients and institutions

Since August 2014 and the 50 percent stake in Disposal Point DE GmbH, Zentek GmbH & Co. KG has launched the platform, a nationwide on-line waste disposal system. Disposal services are just as beneficial to consumers as to companies and institutions in their targeted diversity. The Zentek disposal company and its strong network of partners from,, and are available for household waste disposal collection, vegetation and disposing of roots, x-ray image disposal, data carrier destruction and house clearance, up to and including scrapping cars, de-installation and dismantling. In this way, around 70 tons of waste are disposed of every minute throughout Germany via the on-line system for waste disposal at At the same time, customers therefore always have the certified guarantee of compliance with all relevant guidelines.

A contact person, tailor-made individual disposal

The other benefits of the on-line system for waste disposal impress with the given efficiency and simplicity, irrespective of the material to be disposed of, the quantity, volume and the service provided. The entire, diversified portfolio is completely available to customers either on-line or with just one call. The service is extremely user-friendly. The services are clearly arranged and easy to find. After the initial enquiry to a personal contact, individual quotations will be created quickly which can be minimised directly and effectively implemented by the close-knit network and the smooth cooperation of the waste disposal companies participating in Germany on the on-line system for waste disposal. For the customers, this means that alongside the time savings and qualitative disposal from a single source, there is also possible use of professional services which correspond to the requirements and situations on the spot. is and always remains the first and only contact person.