History of Zentek GmbH

Make the right decisions at the right time

Since our foundation in 1995, much has happened - in the market for waste disposal services, but also within our company. A selection of the most striking stations in the history of Zentek GmbH can be found in the following:

German Design Award 2016 for Zentek plastic pallet

In 2016, Zentek also knew how to convince the expert group of business, education and science judges as well as the design industry with an innovative design solution: the Zentek plastic pallet. The foundation, which was initiated by the German Senate, honoured the outstanding characteristics of its development with its "Special Mention" award in the category "Transport and Public Design".

Innovate excellence: Top 100 seals

Zentek was presented with an award as one of the most innovative companies in the German medium-size company range in June 2015. The award is based on a two-stage analysis developed by the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. The innovation management and innovation success of medium-sized companies is examined in five categories by utilising over 100 parameters.

German Design Award 2015 for recycling station

The German Design Award honours pioneering products from the German and international design landscape from the German Design Council. The development, which was jointly implemented with the design office of Frackenpohl Poulheim GmbH, the Lidl Dienstleistung GmbH & Co. KG and Zentek GmbH & Co. KG, was convincing in the "Transportation and Public Design" category.

Shareholder at since 2014

In August 2014 Zentek took over 50 percent of Disposal Point DE GmbH. Through the strategic partnership with the Internet specialist, which includes the wide-ranging, strong domains of, and, Zentek strengthens its commitment to on-line sales. This means that customers are able to process waste disposal on-line all over Germany.

Zentek Pool System GmbH since 2013

As a specialist for reusable pooling of plastic pallets on a rental basis, the service provider addresses companies with goods logistics. Besides the pooling of the pallets, the offer includes software-based tracking solutions as well as comprehensive service provision. The first major contract with the logistics service provider of dm-drogerie markt GmbH, DSV Stuttgart GmbH, promises more than 15 million pallet movements in the multi-year contract period.

Textile purchases since 2012

The purchase platform for second-hand garments at the fixed price has quickly become one of the most popular re-commerce platforms on the Internet. The idea was honoured as the "Most innovative Internet Business Model of the Year" in 2012 with the Young Business Award from the Federation of German Mail Order Companies. In September 2014 the sales platform was sold to the Swiss company TEXAID AG.

Zentek Dual System since 2007

The Zentek Dual System (DSZ) was founded in 2007 to round off our service portfolio in this area. The DSZ has been authorised nationwide since 2008. Since then, we have positioned ourselves as a competent and innovative partner of our customers for all services in the dual system. And we continue to work diligently to further develop our services in this area in the interest of our customers.

Disposal of transport packaging since 2006

For nearly 20 years, we have been setting up a powerful network for nationwide disposal solutions for our customers. No wonder that, for many customers, we are also the right service provider for the disposal of their transport packaging: After all, packaging is a daily occurrence wherever we are present with our services anyway. We are happy to take care of this packaging and ensure recycling.

Disposal of electrical appliances

In 2006 the electrical law was introduced and presented difficulties for many manufacturers in the industry: Basically it entailed establishing a nationwide solution for accepting returned goods. We have prepared the appropriate solution and successfully introduced it to the market: Producers of household appliances, which account for about a third of the market quantities, have commissioned us from the beginning to take back their electrical appliances.

Professional consulting since 1995

The founding of our company in 1995 by leading independent medium-sized waste management companies was based on the the motivation to provide comprehensive, high-quality waste disposal services with competent on-site consulting. We continue to pursue this goal today. The quality of the entire system - customer support and operational implementation - is therefore constantly monitored by Zentek´s head office.