Philosophy of Zentek GmbH


We are authentic. Our actions are characterised by trust. We communicate openly and honestly and deal responsibly with the information entrusted to us.

In dealing with each other, as well as with partners and customers, we are respectful and empathetic.

We are open to the individual situation of others and have an open ear at all times. We are collegial, friendly and helpful - and always act fairly.

We make clear, binding and coordinated joint statements and adhere to them reliably. We feel loyally bound to our partners as well as to our employees and colleagues.


The basis for our entrepreneurial responsible actions lies in our reasonable self-esteem, in our criticism and our integrity.

We make sustainable and safe decisions.

The executives motivate their employees, take their individual strengths into consideration and promote them in a targeted manner.

Result orientation

We strive for success and set ourselves challenging goals.

On the one hand, we achieve our goals by means of cross-departmental and partnership-based teamwork; On the other hand, through our professionalism and competence, our stability and our structured processes.

We live our service mentality both internally and externally. We are reachable at all times and work as solution-oriented.


Our skill, to be able to be active, forward-looking and react rapidly in the market.

Our highly capable, high-performance employees are dedicated, committed and dynamic.

We give ourselves the freedom for an open-result based and innovative exchange of ideas.