Zentek Pool System GmbH

Simple, rapid and solution optimised: Zentek Pool System, Load-carrier management

With its pool system, Zentek provides suppliers, manufacturers and traders with one of the best load-carrier management systems, which is successfully utilised by leading companies. Zentek Pool System GmbH is hereby a wholly owned subsidiary of Zentek GmbH & Co. KG and its shareholders. The Zentek plastic pallet is the centrepiece of the modular or fully usable system. It was developed with experts from science and industry and offers every user numerous possibilities to optimally adapt their own supply chain to the requirements of Industry 4.0.

The plastic pallet with peak values

The produced load carrier made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic, made In Germany, is much lighter than its wooden counterpart and only has a dead load of 17kg. This has a correspondingly positive effect on the handling The Zentek plastic pallet can carry a static load of up to 4,000 kilogrammes, in high-rack storage systems with 1,500 kilograms. It is splinter-free and made from one casting process. Neither nails nor pins can interfere with the machining processes or create any risk of injury. The surface of the plastic pallet is free of constraining stacking edges and centre locking detents, slip-resistant elastomer also ensures that on, as well as under the top surface, there is a secure bearing area: above for the load, underneath for the fork-lift tines.

Ready for Industry 4.0

The Zentek plastic pallet is equipped with DataMatrix, RFID and bar code. In addition, each copy carries a crossover-free code according to GS1 standard. With this GRAU and the EPCIS, which marks every product on the plastic pallet, suboptimal processes in the supply chain can be immediately identified, assigned and corrected. The Zentek plastic pallet can also be fitted with beacons. Furthermore, other parameters that are important for the specific logistics requirements can be recorded, for example values for temperatures, humidity or vibrations. With their benefits, processes can be made easier, more smoothly and more efficiently than before. The sensor technology of this load-carrier management system is applicable for all detection systems - so it works across the company.

The core element: the Zentek plastic pallet

Flexibility with modular benefits

Important: The Zentek Pool System can be tailor-made for almost every customer requirement. The scope of the load-carrier management system covers the entire range of the logistics, but at the same time offers the possibility to use the individual modules according to the respective requirements: Europe-wide delivery and collection of the reusable load carrier, the software solution from ZEPRA, the repair, the certified cleaning according to HACCP, the stocking levels Customers of the Zentek Pool System are thus given an immense degree of flexibility, while at the same time provided with high-quality equipment and availability, without the need for a proprietary capital commitment for a load-carrier pool. Here you can find out more about the Zentek Pool System GmbH.

Simply explained: the Zentek Pool System