Zentek Group

Zentek was founded in 1995 and consists of a number of leading mid-size waste management companies in Germany that operate independently. As a specialist service provider for disposal systems and waste management, we develop and deliver customer and sector-specific solutions for companies working throughout Germany.

We are a full service supplier, providing all waste management solutions from a single source – ranging from the initial consultation, to preparing tailored disposal and recycling plans, the timely collection and recovery of all types of waste in keeping with a circular economy, through to professional processing and verification.

Zentek Services
GmbH & Co. KG

Our nationwide disposal service for business sites collects your commercial waste directly at source. You benefit from having a personal contact, seamless reporting and reliable waste management anywhere in Germany.

We also offer you collections of all types of packaging materials nationwide and pick them up directly from your customers. This includes the disposal of transport packaging as well as the take-back and professional disposal of old electrical and electronic equipment and batteries. Our services also include all correspondence with stiftung ear.

As a waste management service provider that’s focused on the future, we actively participate in the development of digital solutions that simplify all processes relating to waste management at disposal companies and small businesses.

Zentek GmbH & Co. KG
Dual System Zentek

The Dual System Zentek was approved for all of Germany in 2008. The system is part of the Zentek Group, which has occupied a strong position as a service provider on the waste management market since its founding in 1995. The Dual System Zentek covers all areas of activity specified in the Packaging Act, from packaging licensing to collecting and separating reusable materials through to material recovery. Thanks to the addition of nine further partners who joined the company in 2019, the Dual System Zentek grew to become an integrated system in the mid-size sector. We offer you transparent, legally compliant solutions for fulfilling your system participation obligation that are reliable, efficient and available nationwide.

Zentek online shops

Entsorgung Punkt DE GmbH

Private and small business customers can conveniently dispose of their waste thanks to the variety of online shops we offer through our Entsorgung Punkt DE GmbH subsidiary.
Learn more at entsorgung.de (website in German).

zmart packaging licensing

Retailers, especially those trading online, and small to mid-size businesses can use zmart.de to license their sales packaging. It’s a legally compliant, cost-effective and incredibly simple way to obtain a license for small volumes online.

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Our partners

The partners that make up Zentek are leading mid-size waste management companies working independently in Germany. They came together to found Zentek in 1995 with the goal of working in an autonomous, independent and responsible manner to provide trans-regional waste management services on the market.

Here at Zentek, we have kept our sights continually set on this mission since our founding and continue to do so in all our activities. As part of this, we are constantly expanding our own range of services to ensure we can remain a reliable yet flexible partner for our customers in future as well.

Partners at Zentek Services GmbH & Co. KG

Partners at Zentek GmbH & Co. KG – Dual System Zentek


Christoph Heller

Christoph Heller has been on Zentek’s management team since 2020. He holds a degree in business administration and has extensive experience in leading roles in the waste management industry, particularly in the area of dual systems.

Christoph Ley

Christoph Ley has been on Zentek’s management team since 2012. He holds a degree in business administration and has many years of experience as a CEO in the waste management sector, wood-based materials area and the chemical industry.