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Are you a manufacturer or distributor that places sales and outer packaging filled with products on the market in Germany that accumulates as waste in private households and similar locations after use? If so, you’ll want to make use of a dual system. This requirement (and exceptions to it) are set out in the German Packaging Act (VerpackG).

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The team at Zentek Dual System is pleased to provide you with fast, expert support for any questions regarding the licensing, collection and recovery of your packaging subject to the system participation obligation. We make the waste management process efficient, simple and reliable to ensure you meet your system participation obligation in a legally compliant manner. To this end, we only work with certified waste management service providers. We take care of all processes involved in the collection, sorting and reprocessing of your packaging or its professional disposal. Our national network offers you an end-to-end disposal and recovery process as well as short transport routes that significantly reduce carbon emissions.

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Besides helping you meet your obligations under the German Packaging Act, we’re also pleased to serve as your contact. We provide you with comprehensive advice on packaging analyses and optimisation. This also includes expertise regarding effective design4recycling in keeping with the concept of a circular economy. You can also take part in our workshops, where you’ll learn about the processes within a sorting facility and find out what happens to packaging after it is collected.
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Packaging licensing
for small volumes

With zmart, we offer online retailers and small business owners a convenient, digital way to meet their system participation obligation. It lets you obtain a licence for all your packaging materials online in just a few clicks, giving you a legally compliant way of meeting your system participation obligation under the Packaging Act. Our zmart team would be pleased to assist you if you have any queries.

Packaging disposal
in line with the circular economy

We teamed up with other dual systems to develop waste separation labels for sales packaging to improve the quality of collections and the recycling rate. These labels help consumers by clarifying the proper way to sort and dispose of packaging materials. If you are a manufacturer or distributor participating in the Dual System Zentek, we would be happy to provide the labels free of charge.

Are you looking for a sustainable waste management plan?

Are you looking for a sustainable waste management plan?

Find out about our company and join our many customers who are recycling their packaging to the maximum extent possible.
Zu sehen ist eine Sortieranlage im Einsatz.

Professionally recycle
your sales packaging

Sales packaging becomes waste after packages are opened by private consumers and other equivalent sources of waste (such as hospitals, hotels and restaurants). The dual system in Germany organises the entire disposal process so this packaging can be collected and returned to the reusable material cycle. After the packaging materials are sorted, the reusable materials they contain can be reprocessed, recycled and reused as raw materials.

German Packaging Act

The Packaging Act (VerpackG) came into force on 1 January 2019 and implements the European Packaging Directive here in Germany. In accordance with the Packaging Act, manufacturers and distributors of packaging are required, among other things, to register with the Central Agency Packaging Register before distributing products. The Packaging Act underwent extensive amendments in July 2021, with these changes being phased in. Please see here for detailed information on the Packaging Act. You’ll also find an overview of all the updates to the law since the amendment in 2021.

What is the Central Agency Packaging Register (ZSVR)?

The Central Agency Packaging Register (ZSVR) is a civil law foundation that monitors compliance with the legal obligations the Packaging Act places on manufacturers and the dual systems. Among other activities, it runs the LUCID online register where packaging manufacturers and distributors are required to sign up before placing products on the market in Germany. The ZSVR can impose fines in the event of violations of the Packaging Act, and violators may be prohibited from selling products.

Which products are affected
by the Packaging Act?

All types of packaging are subject to the Packaging Act and, in addition to sales packaging, include transport packaging, outer packaging, reusable, disposable and service packaging. However, distributors are subject to different obligations. Distributors must have sales packaging that is subject to the system participation obligation licensed with a dual system. As a matter of principle, several conditions have to be met for packaging to be required to participate in the system. One of the decisive factors is that sales packaging only becomes waste once it has reached consumers. This includes, for example, all food packaging or packaging for screws that do not exceed a certain quantity.

To whom do the legal obligations in the Packaging Act apply?

Manufacturers and distributors that bring packaging of any type into circulation are required to meet the legal obligations according to the Packaging Act. Packaging that is subject to the system participation obligation must be registered with the ZSVR, and the packaging material must be included in a dual system. There can be exceptions to the fundamental obligation to participate in the system, for example, for initial distributors of service packaging. These can be included in a dual system by the upstream distributor. Importers of products to Germany and companies that are domiciled abroad and export products to Germany are also subject to obligations under the Packaging Act.

What do I need to do according to the Packaging Act?

What do I need to do according to the Packaging Act?

We help you dispose of your sales packaging in a legally compliant manner.

In order to fulfil your system participation obligation, you must register with the Central Agency Packaging Register (ZSVR) and sign your packaging material up to a dual system. You need to have your packaging licensed even before you place the products on the market in Germany. In addition to registering with the ZSVR and licensing your packaging, you also have to regularly report your data to the ZSVR and specify your company’s volume of packaging materials participating in the system. This also includes preparing a statement of completeness and having it certified.

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