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Our reliable waste disposal and recycling concepts are trusted by many thousands of companies throughout Germany and abroad. We offer creative, innovative solutions for various industries to help make the transition to resource-saving circular systems efficient and straightforward.

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Commercial waste disposal

Every sector produces waste. We organise professional disposal of this waste – it’s what we do. We have made it our goal to have all our customers’ waste recovered for material use by 2029, in keeping with the concept of an effective circular economy.


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Sales packaging

Are you a manufacturer or distributor that places sales and outer packaging filled with products on the market in Germany that accumulates as waste in private households and similar locations after use? If so, you’ll want to make use of a dual system. This requirement (and exceptions to it) are set out in the German Packaging Act (VerpackG).


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Transport packaging

The Packaging Act sets out special obligations for packaging manufacturers and distributors that are not subject to the system participation obligation (including transport packaging). The registration requirement in particular has been expanded in the 2021 amendment to the Packaging Act.


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Waste electronic equipment

Manufacturers, distributors and importers of electrical and electronic equipment are subject to various requirements under Germany’s Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG). Among other things, the act is designed to keep the reusable materials contained in the devices in a closed loop.


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Manufacturers, distributors and importers of disposable and rechargeable batteries are subject to various obligations under the Batteries Act (BattG). The legal requirements intend for valuable substances from disposable and rechargeable batteries to be recycled and returned to the reusable material cycle.


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EPR Compliance

The extended producer responsibility (EPR) applies throughout Europe. Depending on the distribution country, various legal obligations and guidelines apply to manufacturers and companies selling products to countries outside Europe as a result of the EPR.

Taking responsibility – closing the loop

Our goal is to maintain efficient material cycles. By providing our customers with simple ways to break free from the linear economy, we empower them to take a climate-friendly, sustainable and positive approach to their use of resources. Honesty and transparency are central to our work, and we believe that shared success is the key to ensuring that valuable materials make their way back to the start of the cycle and remain in circulation for a long time.

Pursuing visions – achieving goals

We have set ourselves the goal of having all our customers’ waste recovered for material use by 2029 and supporting our customers in making recyclability their full focus. It’s a bold, ambitious goal. But for us, it’s the only way forwards. In doing so, we look for the optimal reprocessing method for each individual type of waste. We see recycled raw materials as the resources of the future. Join us as we pursue this goal.

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