Commercial waste disposal

Every sector produces waste. We organise professional disposal of this waste – it’s what we do. We have made it our goal to have all our customers’ waste recovered for material use by 2029, in keeping with the concept of an effective circular economy.

Why we are the right waste management service provider for you

Thanks to our national network of specialist waste management companies, we can collect any type of commercial waste at any point of origin in Germany. We use a professional waste disposal approach in keeping with the Circular Economy Act. A wide range of companies from different industries – including the automotive, building, commercial, logistics and infrastructure sectors – have long been relying on us as their waste management partner.

Economic sustainability is also important to us. We minimise time and costs by consolidating volumes in a targeted manner and using a centralised marketing approach for the reusable materials that are generated. By taking care of all your waste management requirements, we also save you time and money. And we always make sure to avoid unnecessary paperwork. You can do this by using the Zentek Connect app to digitally manage the disposal of your waste.

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We only work with certified, specialist waste management companies to ensure we’re up to speed with the specific rules in different sectors. We dispose of all types of waste at business sites as a matter of principle. And of course, we also ensure that any hazardous waste at your business (denoted with * after the Waste Catalogue Ordinance (AVV) number) is sustainably processed, recycled and either returned to the reusable material cycle or put into storage.

Support with waste management officer requirements

Since 1 June 2017, you as a manufacturer or distributor of transport packaging, electrical and electronic devices or vehicle and industrial batteries are legally required to appoint a company waste management officer. By working with an external waste management officer from Zentek, you can be certain you’re getting reliable support and advice regarding the proper and legally compliant disposal of your company’s waste. We also continually review current processes and structures for specific types of waste and optimise them with you.
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personal contact

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Not only can you meet your legal obligations quickly and easily – your personal contact also provides you with comprehensive advice and support for any questions regarding waste management regulations, with no time limits. We also guarantee that your waste is professionally disposed of in accordance with the Circular Economy Act and are happy to fulfil all legal obligations to provide proof on your behalf.

Carsten Mecklenbrauck is your personal contact and is happy to assist you with specific questions or provide a quote.
Carsten Mecklenbrauck
Sales Manager

+49 2203 8987-211

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Personal contact
Carsten Mecklenbrauck
Sales Manager

+49 2203 8987-211