Information on the
Packaging Act

The Packaging Act (VerpackG) has been in force in Germany since 2019. It transfers the requirements of the European Packaging Directive into national law.

Under the Packaging Act, packaging manufacturers and distributors are required to register with the Central Agency Packaging Register (ZSVR). The law concerns both companies working in the area of sales packaging and those who market transport packaging as well as outer and reusable packaging for the industrial and trade sectors. The same applies to companies that market service packaging, for instance in the catering sector.

What is the Central Agency Packaging Register?

The Central Agency Packaging Register monitors compliance with the Packaging Act. It is a civil law foundation and has both an organisational and a monitoring function. The ZSVR manages the LUCID public register that all companies subject to the registration requirement must sign up to prior to marketing sales, transport, service, outer and reusable packaging in Germany.

System participation obligation for manufacturers of sales packaging

Sales packaging that typically becomes waste after it is used by consumers also needs to be licensed with a dual system. This is how companies fulfil their system participation obligation. Manufacturers that are required to obtain a license also submit their data reports to the ZSVR via LUCID as well as their reporting on planned volumes, intrayear volume adjustments, the annual declaration and the declaration of completeness.

Registration before selling products

Products from companies or brands that are not properly registered cannot be placed on the market in Germany. Registration with the Central Agency Packaging Register and participation in a dual system must take place before products are put into circulation. For further information on the Central Agency Packaging Register, please see

Why was the Packaging Act introduced?

The main objective of the Packaging Act is to reduce or entirely avoid the impacts of packaging waste on the environment. Packaging is to be sent for processing so it can be reused or recycled in order to achieve this goal and promote the circular economy in Germany. In addition, the recycling rates to be met by the systems were significantly increased when the Packaging Act entered into force.

Amendment of the Packaging Act in 2021

A number of changes to the Packaging Act took effect on 3 July 2021. This amendment applies to distributors of sales, transport, outer and reusable packaging as well as online retailers and distributors of service packaging. All changes included in the amendment to the Packaging Act are being phased in. Our PDF titled ‘The new Packaging Act 2021: key changes in the amended version at a glance’ tells you what this means for your company and which measures affect you. The changes are listed in chronological order in the PDF. We would of course be happy to provide you with personal assistance for any queries or further information. The amended version of the Packaging Act at a glance

Your partner for an effective circular economy

Zentek is pleased to assist you as your trusted partner when meeting your obligations under the Packaging Act. We feel strongly committed to the concept of an effective circular economy and also make these values an active part of our collaboration with you.